We are a folk club that likes to bring the highest standards of live music to East Dorset.

The bulk of our performers are well known in the folk world, through clubs and festivals.

We prefer to book artists we have seen live, where possible.

Please scroll down for what we expect from our performers.

  2024 is fully booked.


Wessex Acoustic Folk Club is closing in June 2024. 

There will be no more concerts after this date.

Thank you to all the artists who have performed at the club over the years.

                So that it is clear about the policy of booking performers, we list below, what we expect from performers.

We pay a Fixed Fee with no %, or a guaranteed minimum with % of the net door whichever is the higher.

If needed, overnight accommodation can be provided at organiser's home, otherwise you will be expected to make your own arrangements. Do please ask if we can accommodate you rather than use a hotel.

We expect that the performers abide by the following requirements :-

1. We expect that performers who are booked at Wessex Acoustic Folk Club do not take a booking that will adversely affect our event, in terms of time or distance. If that happens, then we have the right to cancel the booking. We draw patrons from Dorchester, Shaftesbury, Poole, Bournemouth, Christchurch, Ringwood, and  Salisbury as well as the Blandford area.

2. Bad language or lewd behaviour from performers will not be entertained under any circumstances.

3. We expect that performers arrive in good time for sound checks. We expect that a call in good time is made from the performers, if they have problems on the way to the venue.

4. We do not expect a performer to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs when going on stage. In  such circumstances, that may result in part or all of the fee being withheld.

5. If a performer is ill or cannot make the gig for unforeseen circumstances, we will  arrange a suitable replacement.

6. If a performer turns up and is clearly ill and because of that we feel that they cannot give of their best, then we will cancel the gig and no fee will be paid.

7. If we book a band, we expect all members of the band to be present and perform, unless previously agreed. If not then we have the right to cancel the performance. Likewise, if we book an artist as a solo performer, we do not expect additional musicians to accompany them unless previously agreed.

8. We expect performers to advertise the gig on their own websites and include it on their circulation lists. We make sure that locally, we advertise the concert by notifying local radio, newspapers, websites, posters and flyers at other clubs in the region.

9. We will need at least one good current quality photo (jpeg) of the performer or performers, as this is used to go to the newspapers and on the posters that we produce. We also need a write up of each act, for the same purposes, which may be altered to suit our requirements.

At the end of the day we aim to make the experience for our audience a pleasurable one, that will encourage them to come back again.

We hope that you as a performer, understand and accept our conditions. If you have any doubts or concerns with the above policies, then please discuss this before or when accepting a booking, otherwise it will be taken as read.

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